“Being on your meds is like night and day to me. While I was able to be on these meds I did so much better than I do on the prescription drugs I am forced to take for pain control….I was human and had a life while I was on your meds and with your help and encouragement had nearly gained control of my Life in all aspects. I have been unable to get the meds lately so again back to Prescriptions and the life of a Zombie that sits and dwells and has no control of sleep patterns, or thought patterns, and No energy what so ever, so have become isolated and scared, and so angry and up and down I do not even recognize me anymore. That’s the difference in a paragraph of how much I have gained with the help of the wafers and salve and a small amount of the tincture. I was so much more alive, and actually enjoyed my days and time and could really function in all areas of life from the shower to housework to recreational activities that I am unable to do on the prescription drugs……The difference is HUGE. You have the technique and knowledge to help me in my issues and since coming to you about a year ago, I owe you more than any money can pay her…….you have truly become my DOCTOR, my friend and I trust you 100% with my life now. You have gave me life back and how do you say Thank You to the one person who believed in me, who understood and helped me realize all my inner grief and the issues of life I had lived was so hard on me that thru her counciling and meds I finally understand and I know beyond any doubt that I can be better all around, as a person, as a grandma/mom, but mostly finding the Me I had forgot about with raising kids and wrong decisions/choices. Mel has been there for me all the way thru so much junk stuff, that I would never consider being without HER in MY LIFE Forever. It works, and I have been to doctors, specialists, quacks and the full realm looking for something to help me manage my health issues and we got down in my guts and it just poured out like a poison and I felt LIFE, it was real and I WAS WORTH IIT!!!! I will never know how to thank her but I believe she knows how much she done for me.”

October 13, 2013

“I contacted you last year about wanting to use cannabis medicals for my liver cancer. I always said if I got cancer, I would turn to other ways, I would not be putting chemo poision in me. I had heard about the RS oil and although I was pushing hard to get it done that way, you were very patient in explaining to me all the solvents and what happens to them in your body.I looked into it a lot more, and decided that if I wasnt gonna put chemo in my body, I sure as hell shouldnt be putting these other poisons. Shit I had liver cancer, and it just dont make no sense putting another bad thing in there. I took all the stuff you recommended for me, changed the things you mentioned on diet, and I will tell you I am doing better on diet, but not always great, but I do take the supplements and ate as much of the oil and raw cannabis as I could take. I started exercising a little, I actually liked going for walks on the oil, and everything looked so beautiful and clear. And recently,I got into therapy. I found a free program, well not free, but sliding scale and that has helped a lot too, just like you said it would. I still got lots of anger coming inside me, but slowly am figuring out ways to lessen it. I was real ornery on this one, but you right, it made a lot of difference. One of the things I love working with you is you keep sending me these suggestions and ideas for curing, and I learn something almost every day. I almost think the cancer is the best thing that happened to me. You really got a special place in my heart, an angel on earth. Unfortunately, I have told a lot of people about this, I say that as I hate seeing people sick, but I guess now there is a hope for them. My doctor don’t know what I’m doing, I would never say, I just tell him I am eating right, and just don’t want to do no chemo. He looks at me kind of slyly like he knows something is up. I think that’s my last visit with him for awhile. I want to be sure I am all better, and i figure I will know when I am. We planning on growing here and will be helping all our relatives. We are building a little small still too, and will be spreading the word. Thank you for what you do.”

56 year old man with liver cancer, hip, knee pain, and intense stomach pain
May 21, 2013

“All we can say is thank you so much. My mom is a walking talking testimonial for the benefits of cannabis medicine. And you were right in that the cannabis smoothie is rebuilding her back up, that I can really see a lot, she has been using it as a meal replacement for one meal and then she sips on another one all day long. Her sugar is normal, has been normal for awhile, her pain is pretty much gone, there are still some aches and pains but mom feels they will go away if she keeps taking all of the products you recommended for her. She lost 60 pounds on her protocol and is still losing. No more neuropathy pain at all, except for when she has a bad few days of eating, then she notices it and stops that right away or takes an extra smoothie or juice and extra dose of her oil and she is right back on it. It’s just phenomenal and we feel like we won the lottery when finding out about this, and winning the context, and getting mom on all the incredible products you make. Saved the best for last. As of March 24th, mom is cancer free, or as the doctor says she is in remission. Now they want to get her back on chemo and radiation to make sure it’s gone. The only reason mom went back at all is to get the proof she knew which is that she is already cured. Because she has had chemo and radiation we are going to continue her on the oil. We have been doing fundraising knowing that we wanted her to do another round of the oil and smoothies and juice. And we know you have a lot of people you are trying to help, so we raised enough to help out another person too. So we are ready for round 2 but No chemo, no radiation, just cannabis and good choices on nutrition and the other natural supplements you recommended. I have even lost weight with mom even though I didn’t take any of her products, it was so inspiring to watch mom. (I will be trying it next round) We cannot thank you enough for this, the information, and all that you did for us and continue to do for others. You truly are a walking angel on this earth. We are planning a trip to California this summer..mom wants to meet you and go to Disney World! haha”

She is presenting with diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and more.
Currently taking 60 grams treatment of cannabis oil